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AHPEL webinar: Pull up a seat at the table (just make sure it’s comfortable)

Join us on the 22nd of August at 17h30 (SAST) for a webinar presented by Dr Lianne Keiller (Stellenbosch University).

As leaders, we have either taken or being given a “seat at the table.” Whether we wanted to have that seat or not, we have a voice and a responsibility to ensure that we make our contribution to the leadership of our universities and organisations worthwhile. As a concept, psychological safety is something that leaders should consider to be critical to having a successful team and, often, is the make or break factor in leading change.

So, if you're at that table or making space for others, is it a safe chair? Is it comfortable? Join us as we discuss this interesting principle in leadership.

You can register for the webinar on the attached PDF flyer of the event.

AHPEL webinar flyer August 2023
Download PDF • 512KB

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