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AMEE 2022: The feeding field

There must be a reason why some of us were spared from the global pandemic! One of them must be to gather together as SAFRIANS and African FAIMER folk at the AMEE Conference in 2022. The place was Lyon (France…just in case America also has one) and it was a wonderful experience to gather to share what we learnt (more than we think) and to similarly hear what other people are doing (or have done). But what was clear is the SAFRIANS and African FAIMER folk are naturally attracted to one another and managed to find each other in a conference of several thousand people. Maybe it was because we hover in easy reach of the food table? Or maybe because we were actually AT the conference (if one pays so many Euros that it actually hurts, then one attends come hell or high water).

I learnt a bunch of new things- sometimes useful; sometimes stimulating and sometimes how NOT to present or how NOT to chair a session…..So what stood out for me? Difficult to say as one cannot attend everything at once – but I did attend a lot of sessions on games and online learning. What is a clear take-home message is that we need to include sessions to capacitate our AHPEL fellows on best practice for online teaching/learning (or frankly some basic competence) on how to do this because it is NEVER going to go away!

Next year AMEE is going to be in Glascow – I am highly unlikely to attend…but let us know if you do!

But here is a personal tip for submitting an abstract to AMEE- they really like snappy titles so no boring ‘epidemiological triangles’ in your title please. Not sure what that is? Who; Where; When.

For example:

The satisfaction of final year medical students with their clinical placements in Lyon from 2020-2022”.

Think rather along the lines of:

The pandemic, the placements and the problems: a tale of the experiences of final year medical students”.

Author: Prof Liz Wolvaardt

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