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Tips for Teaching Large Classes

  1. Get to know their names: But how? Think about getting students to make/create nameboard for themselves that they can place on the table in front of them.

  2. Make rules and don’t break them: Controlling a large class is no easy task, so create a clear and structured set of rules to control behaviour. Do not deviate from your own rules.

  3. Move around: Move around the class while making eye contact and use hand gestures. It will keep the students more engaged and interested in what you have to say.

  4. Make resources accessible: Avoid having to repeat yourself many times by making sure that they have the necessary resources at their disposal.

  5. Create groups/teams: Groups or teams can motivate students to perform better, and it promotes coherent teamwork which is important when they start working. Working with a few team leaders will also make your task easier!

  6. Persuade to participate: Keeping your students engaged in a large class is difficult. Shy students tend to avoid questions, so try putting together a plan where all students feel more inclined to participate. E.g. use tools such as flashcards that say ‘Yes’ on one side and ‘No’ on the other- and then ask the class to answer a question by choosing which side to show.

  7. Listen up: Ask others what has made teaching their large classes easier and try it out!

Compiled by Daniel Schoonderwoerd (Foundation for Professional Development) and edited by Liz Wolvaardt (AHPEL).

For more information, take a look at the following resource: 10 Tips for Teaching Large Classes | Walden University

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