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Lianne Keiller

Fellowship programme convenor

As a Physiotherapist, Lianne Keiller discovered a love for teaching and entered Academia in 2007. After completing an Mphil in Health Sciences Education in 2010 and a SAFRI Fellowship in 2013, she continued to focus her research on Health Professions Education with a specific interest in understanding how we can better equip ourselves and others to facilitate learning using Technology. Since then, she has become part of the Executive Committee of the Association for Health Professions Education and Leadership NPO and a research supervisor to a number of Fellows and Mphil students from sub-Saharan Africa.

After lecturing in Physiotherapy for 5 years, she went on to work as a Faculty Development Specialist and further developed her own skills in helping others find ways to integrate learning theory and the practical activities required for Blended Learning Curriculum design. With a research focus, and as an output of her PhD, Lianne developed a model for online Faculty Development in HPE for sub-Saharan Africa. Lianne is currently the Learning Technology Systems Manager at Stellenbosch University IT, responsible for the learning management system, among others, bridging the gap between the Academic environment and IT.


Lianne Keiller
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