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Werner Cordier

Gamification and Digital Connection

Prof Werner Cordier, an Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Pretoria obtained his PhD in Pharmacology in 2016. Apart from his biomedical research, he has developed an intense passion for health professions education when he became a permanent member of the Department, which led to his completion of a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and the Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Institute of FAIMER’s fellowship. He is currently completing his PhD in Curriculum and Instructional Design and Development with a focus on aligning pharmacology education with healthcare practitioner workplace competencies to ensure fit-for-purpose graduates. Among this, he also has a great interest in innovative learning strategies, which includes game-based, scenario-based and cooperative learning.

Using the expertise he has gained through his professional development, and the mentorship through his community of practice, Prof Cordier wishes to one day join the senior ranks of university management as a leader in health professions education. It is his goal to transform the educational foundation of the academic environment to ensure that graduates are capacitated effectively, and contribute to the betterment of the world and its healthcare systems.

Werner Cordier
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